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1.Are all products suitable for automatic production?

    No, it is not suggest to automate the production if the assembly of products is not tidy and multi-step. In these situations, the machine will be not stable and easy to break. If the test requirements of product is very strict, we also not suggest the automation.

2.How much will it cost to make automation machine?

    It will base on actual situations. In general, the more process, the more steps and the higher of accuracy will result in the higher cost of the machine.

3.What do I need to do to make automated devices?

    Automation equipment fundamentally improve the efficiency of production, the production of single product, product samples, drawings or 3 d model, the size of the required equipment, product process (document or video), device type (full automatic or semi-automatic), etc., for equipment suppliers to do evaluation.

4.What if the machine is done but doesn't fit my requirements?

    We will sign the technical agreement as the acceptance basis before cooperation. If the machine can’t meet the agreement, you have the right to refuse to receiving. 

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