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Dongguan SLD Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.,as the wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co.,Ltd. ,was established in 2015.With a registered capital of 3 million and annual sales of more than 100 million, SLD automation team is more than 150 people including 120 R&D personnel.


As the subsidiary of Yiheda Automation Yiheda provides strong support to SLD as always. In the upstream supply chain of automation equipment, Yiheda vibratory feeder division, FA division, aluminum profile division and precision manufacturing division have built a complete automation industry chain for SLD automation,

therefore, SLD is skilled in customizing high-end automation solutions which is highly cost effective, short-term and best service for customers and meeting their diverse demands.


Since its founding, customers group of SLD automation cover almost all industries in the manufacturing industry. Especially in the low voltage electrical, automotive , mobile phone , home appliances and electronics industries, SLD has accumulated a wealth of experience and earn customers’ trust.      


With years of experience, SLD automation specializes in designing and supplying the bespoke automation solution to customers .The filed we are expert in :

1.Automated Assembly Equipment

2.Automated Test Equipment including Appearance inspection, Inner and Outer Diameters Inspection, Functional Inspection, Vision Inspection, Hardness Inspection, Air Tightness Inspection, ect.

3.Automatic Welding Equipment

4.Automatic Riveting Equipment

5.Special Purpose Equipment

6.Factory Automation Design and Upgrading


The enterprise culture:

Make staff happy. Make customer touching. Satisfy Shareholders. Contribute To Society

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